2021 Mammoth Strength Challenge
Bowling Green, Kentucky, 2021-01-23

# Competitor    Country TOT. PTS Overhead Medley Pts Deadlift Medley Pts Farmer's Walk Pts Carry Medley Pts

Overhead Medley: 159 kg log, 159 kg axle, 136 kg block, 181 kg Viking press for reps
Deadlift Medley: 395 kg barbell, 408 kg 18-inch axle, car deadlift for reps
Farmer's Walk: 30 meters / 170 kg farmer's walk + 363 kg frame carry (15 metres each)
Carry Medley: 60 meters / 134 kg natural stone, 159 kg block, 181 kg shield, 152 kg Atlas stone (15 metres each)

Unit Display: Metric Imperial

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