# of Contests: 2
Years: 2022

All Beerstone Competitions
Date Contest Div. Location 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2022-03-12 2022 BeerstoneOpen Mission, Texas Bobby Thompson Austin Andrade Josh Hatfield
2022-03-12 2022 BeerstoneOpen Mission, Texas Inez Carrasquillo Gabi Dixson Julia Hamilton

All Beerstone Athletes
Search Name Last Name First Name Country Active Appearances Wins
Andrade Austin Smash Andrade Austin USA2022-202410
Benikken Ronnie Benikken Ronnie ALG2021-202310
Carrasquillo Inez Carrasquillo Inez PUR2021-202411
Dixson Gabi Dixson Gabi USA2021-202310
Guardione Nicholas Guardione Nicholas USA2022-202410
Hamilton Julia Hamilton Julia USA2020-202210
Hatfield Josh Hatfield Josh USA2020-202310
Hatton Lucas Hatton Lucas USA2022-202410
Herod Stefanie Herod Stefanie USA2022-202210
Matos Christopher Matos Christopher USA2022-202310
Moore Cassandra Moore Cassandra USA2022-202310
Ryder Lauren Ryder Lauren USA2022-202310
Shanks Troy Shanks Troy USA2022-202210
Thompson Bobby The American Nightmare Thompson Bobby USA2018-202411
Tomascheski Julia Tomascheski Julia USA2021-202210
Zhang Daphne Zhang Daphne USA2018-202210