Gatineau Strongman Festival

# of Contests: 3
Years: 2000-2002

All Gatineau Strongman Festival Competitions
Date Contest Div. Location 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2002-09-02 2002 Gatineau Strongman FestivalOpen Gatineau, Canada Travis Lyndon Geoff Dolan Dominic Filiou
2001-09-03 2001 Gatineau Strongman FestivalOpen Gatineau, Canada Hugo Girard Travis Lyndon Jessen Paulin
2000-09-04 2000 Gatineau Strongman FestivalOpen Hull, Canada Hugo Girard Johnny Perry Whit Baskin

All Gatineau Strongman Festival Athletes
Search Name Last Name First Name Country Active Appearances Wins
Baskin Whit Baskin Whit USA1998-200310
Bates Sean Bates Sean CAN2001-200610
Beekman Beerd Beekman Beerd CAN2000-200410
Bonneau Franky Bonneau Franky CAN2000-200920
Bourgeois Steve Bourgeois Steve CAN2001-200620
Brisebois Martin Brisebois Martin CAN2001-200220
Brown Ken Brown Ken USA1997-200310
Davis Randy Davis Randy CAN1999-200510
Dechesne Gino Dechesne Gino CAN2000-200110
Dolan Geoff Dolan Geoff CAN1999-200620
Filiou Dominic Filiou Dominic CAN2000-200830
Fortier Marco Fortier Marco CAN1987-200010
Girard Hugo Girard Hugo CAN1998-200822
Gogola Walt Gogola Walt USA2001-200610
Green Ryan Green Ryan CAN2002-200410
Keshishian Mark Keshishian Mark USA2001-200410
Lozer Mark Lozer Mark CAN2001-200210
Lyndon Travis Lyndon Travis CAN1999-200531
Mitchell Gary Mitchell Gary USA1997-200220
Normandin Yanick Normandin Yanick CAN2000-200410
Paulin Jessen Paulin Jessen CAN1999-201020
Perry Johnny Perry Johnny USA2000-200210
Ross Glenn The Daddy Ross Glenn GBR1997-201110
Smith Chad Smith Chad USA2001-201510
Wesolowski Abdul Wesolowski Abdul USA2002-200210