UK's Strongest Man

# of Contests: 6
Years: 2016-2022

All UK's Strongest Man Competitions
Date Contest Location 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2021-05-31 2021 UK's Strongest ManMilton Keynes, England Gavin Bilton Paul Smith Andy Black
2020-10-04 2020 UK's Strongest ManBelfast, Northern Ireland Gavin Bilton Mark Felix Mark Jeanes
2019-07-28 2019 UK's Strongest ManSt Albans, England Paul Benton Graham Hicks Pa O'Dwyer
2018-07-29 2018 UK's Strongest ManSt Albans, England Pa O'Dwyer Phil Roberts Laurence Shahlaei
2017-08-06 2017 UK's Strongest ManBelfast, Northern Ireland Laurence Shahlaei Tom Stoltman Pa O'Dwyer
2016-08-27 2016 UK's Strongest ManBelfast, Northern Ireland Eddie Hall Jonathan Kelly Aaron Page

All UK's Strongest Man Athletes
Search Name Last Name First Name Country Active Appearances Wins
Benton Paul Benton Paul GBR2016-202031
Bessant Richard Bessant Richard GBR2018-201810
Bilton Gavin Bilton Gavin GBR2019-202232
Black Andy Black Andy GBR2021-202210
England Ryan England Ryan GBR2018-202210
Felix Mark Felix Mark GBR2004-202210
Flynn Andrew Flynn Andrew GBR2021-202210
Gough Charlie Gough Charlie GBR2016-201710
Hall Eddie The Beast Hall Eddie GBR2012-201811
Hicks Graham Hixxy Hicks Graham GBR2012-202210
Jack Louis Jack Louis GBR2020-202120
Jeanes Mark Jeanes Mark GBR2015-202020
Kelly Jonathan Kelly Jonathan IRL2014-201920
McCoy Matthew McCoy Matthew IRL2016-202120
Milne Scott Milne Scott GBR2018-202130
Morgan Chris Morgan Chris GBR2019-201910
Muluzi Zake The Malawian Monster Muluzi Zake GBR2019-202010
O'Dwyer Pa O'Dwyer Pa IRL2014-202241
O'Hagan Sean O'Hagan Sean IRL2016-202110
Page Aaron The Rage Page Aaron GBR2015-202020
Reid Ryan Reid Ryan GBR2017-201710
Roberts Phil Roberts Phil GBR2016-202040
Shahlaei Laurence Big Loz Shahlaei Laurence GBR2007-202121
Smith Paul Smith Paul GBR2016-202230
Spence Rob Spence Rob GBR2018-201810
Stoltman Tom The Albatross Stoltman Tom GBR2016-202220
Thomson Ben Thomson Ben GBR2016-201610